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About Us

Penvium is a patient healthcare communications and medical marketing company dedicated to helping healthcare providers grow their businesses and empower patients through information marketing and communications. We create the information (e.g., patient newsletters, informational websites) you can share with your patients. Your patients then share that information with their friends and families. Your practice grows.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on your practice; we’ll help with the rest. We’ve been involved with business and healthcare communications for more than 15 years. At Penvium, we understand the importance of prose AND the return on your marketing and communication dollars. We make healthcare information materials simple, and easy-to-use. If you have questions, please ask. If you have ideas, please share. We want to partner with you.

Robust patient healthcare communication that helps you grow your practice: It’s what we do.

What sets Penvium apart?

We pride ourselves on individualized attention and detail. That’s why we provide you with a Penvium concierge–a dedicated professional at your service. If you have questions, you can call, email, or text. You won’t get one of those phone directories with a million press-this-then-that options. Instead, you’ll get a person; a person who will help troubleshoot and answer anything that arises.

Why Penvium?

Penvium is an effective and simple way you can grow your practice and empower your patients. Think personalized medical marketing at its best.

How much time do patients spend in your waiting room with copies of People magazine? Instead, with a custom patient newsletter, patients can read about a new member of your staff, or how to prevent the bug that’s going around, or learn about healthcare information relevant to their visit. A patient newsletter with your picture, information, logo, and related healthcare topics not only makes your patients feel connected and knowledgeable, but drives new patients to your practice as well. Combine that with an informational website (that we manage entirely for you), and your patient population can grow and grow.

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